Dear Patient,

This letter is to inform you that after living in New Orleans for nearly 20 years, Dr. Scott Tucker and his family will be moving out of the New Orleans area to accept a position with another practice in Maine, closer to both he and his wife’s families. We wish him and his family the very best in this move and new venture. Dr. Tucker will remain practicing at Jefferson Orthopedic Clinic until June 4, 2024. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Tucker prior to his departure, please call 504-349-6804.

Jefferson Orthopedic Clinic physicians and PAs, along with the entire office team, will continue to provide the same great orthopedic care. We will be happy to schedule an appointment with another Jefferson Orthopedic provider, or if you have any questions about your current or future treatment needs, please call 504-349-6804.


Jefferson Orthopedic Clinic